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The Shine to FIVE Method with CJ

Christen N. James

Christen N. James (CJ) Mindset & Transition Coach for young women-identified professionals ready to take the leap from Employee to Entrepreneur. The womxn usually have a growing side hustle that takes most of their focus as they work through shifting their Mindset to one of a CEO. CJ wants to inspire those women through these intimate conversations with amazing women entrepreneurs who have found their SHINE in their Businesses through important Mindset work. They share their stories and accomplishments, as well as the daily internal work they do to overcome challenges and show up in and for their Businesses in a way that fits their Lifestyles. To learn more about, or connect with, CJ visit or follow her on all social media platforms: @christennjames. Please follow and share with ALL womxn who need to be/feel inspired in their entrepreneurial journey!

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