The Shine to FIVE™ Method for Side Hustlers

What is Employee Mindset? (+ 4 tips to start breaking free).

April 14, 2022 Christen N. James Episode 67
The Shine to FIVE™ Method for Side Hustlers
What is Employee Mindset? (+ 4 tips to start breaking free).
Show Notes

“If you’re feeling stuck… you’re NOT stuck. You just THINK you are, because you have been conditioned to believe you need a 9to5 to survive.”

- CJ

Do you have the mindset of HAVING a boss? Or BEING a boss? If you’re looking to break free from your employee mindset, then this is the episode for you! 

If you’re still working in your 9to5 and think you need it to survive, then you have an employee mindset. We’re conditioned to think that we need the security, predictability, and stability of a steady paycheque — and a boss to give it to us.

If you’re happy with that 9to5 life, more power to you. Many people are happy working their 9to5 alongside their side-biz, and that’s great. But if you’re looking to let go of that employee mindset, step CONFIDENTLY into entrepreneurship, and learn how to take time off WITHOUT guilt — you’ll want to hit play and take some notes!

In this episode of The Shine to FIVE™ Method with CJ, you’ll discover: 

  • A breakdown of the beliefs and motivations that make up an employee mindset 
  • 4 simple tips to help you break free from the employee mindset  
  • How to easily build reflection and side-biz goal-setting into your regular schedule  

Highlights:‌ ‌

00:53  Intro

01:50  What is an employee mindset?

03:50  Let go of the guilt

05:04  You are NOT stuck

06:11  Pick an exit date

06:59  Reflection days

08:02  Time management & goal-setting

10:00  Pick one task

11:25  You DO have the time

12:08  The Shine to FIVE Movement™




The Shine to FIVE Movement™   


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