The Shine to FIVE™ Method for Side Hustlers

In My Business: I had to do the hardest thing ever…SURRENDER.

July 21, 2022 Christen N. James Episode 81
The Shine to FIVE™ Method for Side Hustlers
In My Business: I had to do the hardest thing ever…SURRENDER.
Show Notes

“Sometimes, when you just let go of the wheel and you trust the process, it is AMAZING the things that will fall into place… whether it’s clients, other opportunities, collaborations, whatever it is.”

- CJ

In this episode, I reveal one of the most difficult things I’ve EVER had to do (or at least one of the Top Five most difficult). 

And I promise that is NOT just me being dramatic!

One of the most challenging things I’ve ever had to do… is to let go and surrender. To pause, reflect, evaluate, and pray — and have faith and trust that the process is going to do right by me. Now, I know that many of us don’t have the strongest relationship with Trust but, like any relationship, you CAN work on it and build it up to a whole new level.

Trusting the process really means trusting YOURSELF, trusting that you are doing the very best that you can. After all, why would you do anything less for your business?

I KNOW that you’re out there being too hard on yourself and piling on the pressure. It’s time for you to hit pause on your struggles and hit play on this episode, because when you surrender and start trusting yourself, OPPORTUNITIES will find YOU!

In this episode of The Shine to FIVE™ Method with CJ, you’ll discover: 

  • How shifting your mindset will help your best customers and opportunities find YOU, instead of the other way around! 
  • How healing the relationship with your inner child will actually help you become a stronger business owner 
  • What happens to us when we put too much constant pressure on ourselves — and why letting go is more productive than hustling

Highlights:‌ ‌

00:56  Intro

01:51  Surrender 

02:51  My relationship with trust

03:44  How I deal with detours

04:26  Pressuring ourselves

05:09  Say NO to hustle & YES to the Universe

06:56  Surrendering IS NOT doing nothing

08:47  Trust yourself!

12:30  Outro



The Shine to FIVE Movement™   


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