The Shine to FIVE Method for Side Hustlers

How to Build A Successful Business using Your Phone, with Ashley Ann Jones.

October 13, 2022 Christen N. James/ Ashley-Ann Jones Episode 93
The Shine to FIVE Method for Side Hustlers
How to Build A Successful Business using Your Phone, with Ashley Ann Jones.
Show Notes

"Be stubborn about the results, but flexible about the methodology that God wants to send it to you in". Ashley Ann Jones.

In this episode of The Shine to FIVE Method for Side Hustlers, I am joined by King Ashley-Ann y'all! I've actually followed her for a while and saw how she has built her brand online. This is going to be GOOD! She will be providing the listeners with tips on:
- how to give your business the space to evolve using social media.
- the methods that you can leverage on social media to generate the most consistent income.
- simple strategies to ensure that you are speaking about what actually interests your target client.

Ashley Ann, also known as King Ashley Ann is a talented biz builder, public speaker, and social media strategist. Ashley has helped over 11,000 individuals monetize their social media and over 700 people create 6 figure incomes. She has currently helped 151 people create 7 figure incomes and 9 of her clients are consistently doing million-dollar months. She has also helped over 1000 businesses generate $25K- $45K per month using Live Stream.

Connect with Ashley Ann here :
Website: KingAshleyAnn
Twitter: kingashleyann
Facebook: Klub Social

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