Side Hustle GROWTH

The "Corporate Plantation Exodus" to Entrepreneurial Success, with Leticia Francis.

December 08, 2022 Christen N. James / Leticia Francis Episode 101
Side Hustle GROWTH
The "Corporate Plantation Exodus" to Entrepreneurial Success, with Leticia Francis.
Show Notes

"Walk as if every step you take is about to create an avalanche, because you're here to change the world." - Leticia Francis

Do you feel like you're stuck on a plantation? You're going through the motions, doing the best that you can but you're constantly reminded that you're not good enough to make decisions? 

In this Bustle to Boss Success Story episode, my guest is Leticia Francis, Market Research Strategist for Female Coaches, talks candidly with me as two black women in Business. Oh yeah-we're going there because as Leticia says, she is Black strapped molasses! Buckle up my friend, we keep it 100. 

Here's what is covered:
- how Black women go after what we want to make the difference that we want to see.
- how to shift your Mindset and be intentional to become a successful Entrepreneur.
- how to treat your Business like it's a Farm and prepare it "for harvest".

Leticia is a business coach and market research consultant who is dedicated to helping black women build a profitable service based business and prepare to leave the corporate plantation. She is currently travelling full-time with her husband and 2 toddlers.

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