The Shine to FIVE Method for Side Hustlers

The 4R's to help you feel productive during the Holidays.

December 15, 2022 Christen N. James Episode 102
The Shine to FIVE Method for Side Hustlers
The 4R's to help you feel productive during the Holidays.
Show Notes

I know what you’re thinking about when it comes to your side hustle at this time of year…. WHAT SHOULD I BE DOING? Especially if you have taken some time off from your 9to5 and feel like you need to maximize on that for your side hustle. Before you try to do ALL OF THE THINGS, listen to this episode.

In this episode of The Shine to FIVE™ Method for Side Hustlers, you're going to get 4 simple steps that you can take so you switch off and celebrate how you want (and are meant) to! These 4 R's will really take all of the guesswork out of how to work through any guilt that you may experience because of how you are spending your free time. You worked TOO HARD all year for that mess!

Tell me, which R is your favourite? I bet you that I already know.

Does the thought of quitting your 9to5 for your side hustle excite AND scare you at the same time? Do you feel like you'll put in all this money just for it to fail? It's time to overcome that fear of failure... Fear of judgment... Fear of losing control! You want to be in control of your time and have YOUR OWN thing! That's where The Shine to FIVE Movement comes in! Find out more and join the VIP list hereto be the first to know when doors open up again in BRIEFLY FOR Q2!

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And as ALWAYS - I am just a click away and ready to chat with you privately (for only 15 mins) about what's next on your journey from employee to ENTREPRENEUR. You can ask about the 3D Exit Strategy™; it sets you up with a detailed action plan to help you grow your side-biz AND shift your Employee Mindset, so you can confidently leave your 9to5 within your desired timeframe!

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