Side Hustle GROWTH

Learn a W.I.S.E.R. way to better Goal-Setting, with Heidi Metro.

December 22, 2022 Christen N. James Episode 103
Side Hustle GROWTH
Learn a W.I.S.E.R. way to better Goal-Setting, with Heidi Metro.
Show Notes

"Do not wait for Confidence. Enact Confidence. Trust yourself" - Heidi Metro.

We've all (hopefully) heard of SMART goals, but what's the W.I.S.E.R. method and why should you do that BEFORE SMART goals? My guest Heidi Metro, Leadership Coach & Consultant, takes us through that in this episode.

Here's what is covered:
- Distinguishing between dissonance and disconnect when it comes to your goals.
- A breakdown of the W.I.S.E.R. Method.
- The importance of challenging the status quo when it comes to how we show up in our business.

Heidi Metro is the CEO of When You Lead: Coaching & Consulting, a community on fire for empowering leaders and professionals to embody big bold boundaries! Heidi believes that when high-achievers & deep feelers have Confidence, Clarity, & Direction, they become the leaders of their lives, careers, and communities. And that begins with Boundaries.

You’ll find Heidi with her crew, her partner Mike and their 3 kiddos, along with their two pooches. She loves a lazy day of reading in a hammock, hiking the local trails, or taking a day trip to anywhere.

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