Side Hustle GROWTH

Avoiding Common Mistakes when Starting Your Side Hustle, with Monica Allen.

April 13, 2023 Christen N. James / Monica Allen Episode 119
Side Hustle GROWTH
Avoiding Common Mistakes when Starting Your Side Hustle, with Monica Allen.
Show Notes

Don’t know if quitting your 9to5 is the best next step for your growing business? There are some questions you can ask yourself before deciding, if you’re ready.  

It is important to remind yourself that the perfect time does NOT exist, but if the decision feels right, you should make it. Here we have Monica Allen, a serial entrepreneur and co-owner of Allen Profession, to talk about her experience when she was going through this big decision, the mistakes she made and the very valuable lessons learned.  

In this episode of The Shine to FIVE™ Method for Side Hustlers, you'll hear how to: 

  • The importance of having - and sticking to - a bigger vision for your side hustle.
  • What it means to be authentic to yourself and your brand for your Business.
  • The biggest lesson you can learn as try to turn your Side hustle into your main gig.

Monica Allen is a serial entrepreneur owning several businesses. She is co-owner of Allen Professional Graphics Group (APGG) dba Zeus' Closet & stuff4GREEKS and Deuce Equity Group. She is the sole proprietor of Monica Allen Interiors. She believes that being surrounded by positive people, believing in yourself, and having faith in God has led to her success. 

Monica majored in Risk Management and Insurance at the University of Georgia and earned her MBA from Georgia State University. After working in Corporate America for 8 years, Monica left her full-time job to pursue her entrepreneurial goals. 

Monica also co-authored You’ve Graduated. Now What? 10 Steps to Stand Out and Get Hired in the New Economy. She is also now an international bestselling author as part of the collaboration book, The Fearless Entrepreneurs: Fear Less, Be More. 
Both books are available on Amazon. 

Starting a podcast called Become Your Own Boss, Monica is dedicated to sharing the ups and downs of entrepreneurship while bringing you inspiration, business focused topics & tips, encouragement, and a community that helps you launch, grow and scale your business. 
Monica also is a founding board member of a local charter school in Atlanta and served as a board member for over 10 years. She enjoys participating in activities that help shape her community and loves spending time with her husband and business partner Ethan and their 2 kids, Imana & Legend. 


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