Side Hustle GROWTH

The Power of a Digital Community for Business Growth, with Sherley Joseph.

May 25, 2023 Christen N. James / Sherley Joseph Episode 125
Side Hustle GROWTH
The Power of a Digital Community for Business Growth, with Sherley Joseph.
Show Notes

“It’s important to identify who your target audience is and their interests, so you can create content for them." - Sherley Joseph.

Networking is a key ingredient of any successful business, and as Entrepreneurs it can take us beyond where we could have ever imagined.

But what happens if you notice a gap in the type of network you need? You create one! Well, that’s what this week’s guest - Sherley Joseph, Founder of Black Canadian Creators - did when she noticed that she couldn’t find a way to connect with other Black Canadian creators.

In this Episode, Sherley shares her story of starting a podcast before it was as popular as it is now, and where that journey took her.

She also talks about:
- How she was able to turn a frustration into starting her own community.
- The lengths that she had to go to in order to get noticed by her peers.
- The biggest advantage that comes from building a digital community.

Sherley Joseph is a Co-founder of The Chonilla Network, which is a podcast collective with thought-provoking and entertaining shows in Canada and the US. She is also the creator of the Black Canadian Creators digital community on Facebook and a podcast host. With a background in Radio Broadcasting from Humber College and over 15 years of experience in the new media tech industry, she aims to create a multicultural podcast platform and communal realm through various online social channels. Her primary focus is on BIPOC women, but she also wants to create a bridge between businesses/entrepreneurs and Black Creators in the digital realm in Canada. As a Divom (Diva+Mom) of three, Sherley is passionate about supporting Black Creators and loves music, and photography, which inspire her content creation.

Connect with Sherley:
Facebook Group
The Black Canadian Creators Directory


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