The Shine to FIVE Method for Side Hustlers

Building Financial Confidence for Side Hustle Success, with Shantae Cunningham.

July 13, 2023 Christen N. James | Shantae Cunningham Episode 131
The Shine to FIVE Method for Side Hustlers
Building Financial Confidence for Side Hustle Success, with Shantae Cunningham.
Show Notes

“You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take, so take the shot!”

You hear it all the time: your Mindset is everything! But how much Mindset is involved in charging and making what you’re worth in your side Hustle. Spoiler alert: A WHOLE LOT.

That’s what my guest Shantae Cunningham, Founder of Cobella Financial, is here to talk in this episode.


  • Why you need to celebrate every win in your side hustle.
  • Where the “struggle mentality” comes from and how to change it.
  • A simple Mindset trick to improve your overall outlook on Money.

Shantae Cunningham is an Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax expert with 9 years in the industry. She has worked with many industries to help them scale and grow their company from Marketing and PR to E-Commerce and service-based industries. She works with individuals and companies from freelancers to small and medium-sized businesses. With uncompromising attention to detail, Shantae uses her passion for both personal and professional finance to support these businesses. Since 2018, Shantae has worked as an Independent Bookkeeper at her own boutique firm, Cobella Financial where she provides her client with a bookkeeping support lifeline.

She is analytical, experienced, and known as a savvy Accountant. Her personality and business acumen sets her apart. She has volunteered with organizations such as Woodgreen Community Centre to provide tax prep services helping those in all tax situations.

Connect with Shantae:
The Finance Coach
Cobella Financial
Instagram: @‌thefinancecoachshantae & @‌cobellafinancial

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QUESTIONS for you, Side-Hustler!

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