The Shine to FIVE™ Method for Side Hustlers

The Importance of Adaptability as an Entrepreneur with Keisha Pinto.

June 24, 2021 Christen N James | Keisha Pinto Episode 25
The Shine to FIVE™ Method for Side Hustlers
The Importance of Adaptability as an Entrepreneur with Keisha Pinto.
Show Notes

Do you adapt well to the challenges of entrepreneurship? 

Keisha Pinto is an event planner. When the pandemic hit and in person events were all shut down, She had to adapt. She knew she didn’t want to do online events like a lot of other people in her industry so she took a step back and looked at her business to see where she was falling short.

This inspired a huge rebrand and restructuring of her business and she took the time to look at what she was really good at and wanted to do and what she could pass off and hire other people to do. Today she is more intentional about her business and her message and she has a team of people to support her and her growth.

In today’s podcast, Keisha shares the lessons she learned:

  • How she was able to grow her event planning company even though she launched with no experience
  • Why having people around you who can give you guidance and support is so important
  • Why you should leverage your 9to5 while growing your business
  • How networking and putting yourself out there is the key to growing and making a name for yourself and your business
  • Start looking at successful people for clues on how to get to where to you want to be


Keisha Pinto is the face and CEO of Keisha Pinto Events, an event planning boutique located in Toronto Canada, that also services clients globally.
Keisha is an Event Experiences Expert, that specializes in event planning, management and strategies. As a results of her services, she produces and curates unforgettable experience for her clients.
In addition, Keisha is a revenue generating event planner. She helps other event producers and business brands leverage their events.

Keisha also mentors individuals who are new and up and coming in the event industry, as she too knows first hand that it can feel lost when starting out, with not knowing where to start. Keisha offers guidance, tools and clarity to her mentees to get them started.

When Keisha is  not planning events, she invests her time connecting, engaging and speaking online, about topics that impact business owners, such has networking, building and maintaining business relationships, especially with females, collaborating and building a successful business.

Keisha also launched her passion project The Kidsmas Giftback in 2016. It is a free community holiday party/giveback for kids ages 0 – 16yrs.  She has hosted over 150+ kids the first year, and the numbers have been growing.  In 2018 Keisha expanded the Giftback globally and donated Christmas gifts to 2 basic schools in Kingston, Jamaica. In 2019 Keisha took the trip to Jamaica and handed out the gifts personally to the kids.  The 2020 Kidsmas Giftback has now grown to Keisha gifting back to three community organizations in the GTA totaling over 200 kids, in addition the two schools in Jamaica.

Connect with Keisha:
IG: @keishapintoevents
FB business page: @keishapintoevents
LinkedIn: Keisha Pinto
Twitter: KeishaPevents