The Shine to FIVE Method with CJ

Breaking free of the Friend Zone Mindset with Samantha King.

August 05, 2021 Episode 31
The Shine to FIVE Method with CJ
Breaking free of the Friend Zone Mindset with Samantha King.
Show Notes

Meet Samantha!

Tired of seeing service providers like her trading in their corporate lives only to bring all the work and double the hours into their new business, Samantha King, a former teacher with years of experience in both the corporate and small business worlds, is using her skill set to teach these busy entrepreneurs how to get out of the friend zone with their audience through niche identification and authority building and turn that into sales by packaging their experience into online courses that run without them. And she does all of this while showing them how to use those courses to generate more recurring income without working around the clock.

Samantha is proud to still be teaching and you can connect with her on YouTube where she breaks down everything you need to know about getting started with online courses and digital products every week in 5 mins or less!

Connect with Samantha!

Twitter: @fempirebuilders
Clubhouse: @fempirebuilders
Instagram: @fempire_builders
TikTok: @fempirebuilders


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