The Shine to FIVE Method with CJ

Improving your Speaking skills to grow your Business with Kesha Christie.

September 09, 2021 Episode 36
The Shine to FIVE Method with CJ
Improving your Speaking skills to grow your Business with Kesha Christie.
Show Notes

If the thought of speaking in front of people (or even on video) leaves you feeling terrified, then this episode of the Shine to FIVE Method with CJ is for you.

My guest today is Kesha of Talking Tales, she answered a calling to step in and fill a void that she saw when it came to sharing stories - even though she was completely terrified. Now she confidently shows up and speaks, sharing stories in front of all kinds of audiences.

You have probably heard how important speaking is to getting visible and finding success in business, not just speaking on stages, but through video content or going live...

...and it can be T E R R I F Y I N G..

In this episode Kesha shares her best tips to just get started doing the thing, including: 

  • How Toastmasters helped her get started and why joining a speaking group can be so great for developing your skills
  • Tips for dealing with the fear that comes with speaking in front of people
  • How to find stages and opportunities to speak
  • Why focusing on your message is the key to successful speaking

Listen to discover how to improve your speaking and use that skill to grow your business.


Kesha Christie is a dynamic storyteller and passionate motivational speaker. She proudly shares Caribbean folklore, West African tales and original stories that hook listeners and ignites the imagination. Some of Kesha’s recent akdalaites include participating in Storytellers of Canada’s Stories from the Motherland and Many Lands, being a finalist in the 2020 NTUKUMA Ananse Sound Splash Storytelling Conference and Festival, as well as launching a weekly storytelling podcast called Walk Good, available on podcast platforms such as iheartradio, spotify, google podcast and more. Kesha is also the founder of an annual storyteller event celebrating our stories and way we tell them as well as showcasing local entrepreneurs to in the community. To find out more about Kesha, workshops, performances and more visit, subscribe to Talkin’ Tales on YouTube or follow on IG @talkin_tales.

Connect with Kesha:
Instagram @talkin_tales
Facebook: Talkin' Tales - storytelling
Podcast: Walk Good • A podcast on Anchor


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