The Shine to FIVE™ Method with CJ

Effectively using your Love Language in your Business with Hailey Patry.

October 21, 2021 Episode 42
The Shine to FIVE™ Method with CJ
Effectively using your Love Language in your Business with Hailey Patry.
Show Notes

I am so excited to share this conversation with you because it puts such a different spin on how to run your business and show appreciation to your clients and make sure they feel supported and taken care of by you.


Hailey Patry… Is your True Happiness Coach & Marriage Mentor. She’s been awarded as “World’s Best Marriage Mentor, as she helps couples heal in 90 days or less.
She believes in happiness after depression, confidence despite anxiety, love after divorce and healing after infidelity. Working with Hailey, you will love your self, your results and your life!

Hailey offers private coaching for individuals, couples and entrepreneurs; speaking/keynotes; and her signature workshops.
Having spoken for over a million audience members, and teaching students in 136 countries, she is a master speaker and facilitator. Hailey is also an award-winning author with three International-Best-Selling Books. Her fourth book HAPPY LOVE teaches her IDEAL LOVE METHOD, the 5 simple steps to help frustrated couples fall in love all over again, and the 6 secrets of happy couples.
Overcoming more than 30 years of trauma, has taught Hailey how to create happiness and love no matter what challenges are present, and she has dedicated here life to helping YOU achieve TRUE HAPPINESS, & LASTING HAPPY LOVE. Because you are worth it!
As a happily married mom of three, Hailey works with you to help you design, create and accomplish your dream relationship, in as little as 12 hours! She offers unlimited urgent support between sessions, so you’re not alone when you need help the most.
She has been featured on multiple media, but you are more likely to see her hiking, biking and out in nature with her family, or on her weekly date with her hubby.
When you hear someone’s struggling and they don’t know where to turn, especially if you hear of infidelity or low self-worth, she can definitely help.

You get your first coaching session for FREE by texting 416-797-5856, so… If you’re ready to shine… book some time.

Connect with Hailey:

You can text Hailey at 1-416-797-5856 for a free first session.

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