The Shine to FIVE Method with CJ

Take the Risk... Go Big or Go Home with Cherie Warner-Richard.

October 14, 2021 Episode 41
The Shine to FIVE Method with CJ
Take the Risk... Go Big or Go Home with Cherie Warner-Richard.
Show Notes

From secondary school teacher to maker of luxury bags Cherie is sharing her incredible story of how she stopped waiting around for a teaching job to open up and decided to trust herself and her talents and start her own business instead.

Leaving her teaching career behind and starting her own business was a huge risk for Cherie, but it was something that was put on her heart that she couldn’t stop thinking and dreaming about so she knew she had to take the risk and go all in on her dreams.

Cherie learned a lot along the way and shares it all with me on today’s episode of The Shine to FIVE Method. Including:

  • How family support was so important to her success
  • Her top tip for keeping your mental health in check
  • The importance of rest and self care 
  • How to keep going when the going gets tough

Be sure to listen right to the end for how Cherie deals with self doubt - it’s a good one that you can take away with you and use in your life.


Cherie Warner-Richard is the owner and lead designer at Cee Wee Designs, a black-owned, woman-led bag and accessories brand based in Ontario, Canada. Cee Wee Designs creates wearable art for the professional woman who is not afraid to stand out. The aim is to create dynamic pieces which allow the woman wearing it to “Stand out. Be remembered.” When she’s not designing bags or working on her business, Cherie spends her free time assisting with her church choir. Her dream is to one day start a children’s community choir.
This winter collection of Shoulder Bags and Clutch Purses utilize premium vegan leather perfectly paired with luxury faux-furs to showcase a chic, sophisticated design. The Tiffany Fur Shoulder bag is a new addition for this winter and features a fur and leather shoulder bag in metallic hues.

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